Anne-Marie’s playful and nourishing approach to yoga will allow you to explore your practice by approaching it with humour and open-mindedness.

Classes are progressive in nature, meaning that they do not necessarily adhere to any particular tradition or lineage; instead, offering a physical practice that is designed to help you feel strong, mobile, and stable. You can explore your limits in your own time in a safe space, whilst also finding the encouragement you need to try new things and challenge yourself.

Her Classes will often break down physical asana in a way that focuses on functional mobility to help heal and rehabilitate injuries and trauma. You may find yourself spending half a class lying on a bolster and then the other half balancing on your hands – who knows!!

Anne-Marie’s training draws on numerous different styles of yoga from Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga to the more passive styles of Yin and Restorative. She has spent the last 7 years undergoing trainings and mentorships with some leading teachers from all over the world and is the only teacher in Cumbria who is currently certified to teach Forrest-Inspired Yoga.

She continues her own path of learning and is currently focussing on a more sustainable approach to yoga for those who are hypermobile.

Anne-Marie can be found at her studio Bridge Wigton; check out their full schedule here.




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