Yoga Bodywork is an integrated healing system comprising of massage, movement and transformational Breathwork that is designed to rehabilitate, re-balance and re-energise.

This yoga-based approach focuses on both physical and energetic healing. The physical aspects addressing key structural muscles as well as connective tissues, especially fascia. Fascia is a dense network of interconnective tissues, surrounding muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves. It allows for smooth movement and structural integrity.

In its optimum state, fascia is hydrated, fibrous and strong but elastic; however, injury, scar tissue, lack of mobility and damaging movement patterns can cause the tissues to harden and become shorter. This, in turn, puts pressure on other connective tissues (tendon, ligaments, joint capsules) and muscles which can affect our structural alignment causing discomfort, pain and even leading to injury.

The session will also work with the breath, gentle movement and pressure point release, drawing on influences from Chinese medicine, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology and reiki.

The treatment can offer the following benefits:

-          Injury rehabilitation

-          Pain relief

-          Stress and Tension Relief

-          Improved posture, flexibility, awareness

-          Improved Joint health

-          Improved Emotional and Mental health


First session (75 – 90 mins): £40.00

Subsequent sessions (60 mins): £35.00

(Discounts available for Bridge members)


If you are unsure if this treatment is suitable for you then please get in touch directly.


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