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Hi! I'm Anne-Marie. Thanks for visiting my site. I have so much to share and I’d love you to join me on this journey. Whether you are new to yoga and looking to start practicing, find healing and support or looking to share your love of yoga with the world by teaching; it’s all here!

My way of doing things may seem a little different, and I’m pretty happy about that because I believe that your experience of Yoga and / or Bodywork should be something personal to you. My approach to teaching is progressive; basically, I’m not about tradition for the sake of tradition. I believe our bodies are to be celebrated for their uniqueness and I believe in questioning things until you find what works for you. There are enough struggles in our daily lives, I don’t want yoga to be added to that list.


I’m passionate about what I do and I would love to share this with you.


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Yoga Bodywork is an integrated healing system comprising of massage, movement and transformational Breathwork that is designed to rehabilitate, re-balance and re-energise.

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Whether you want to teach or simply deepen your practice, find out if this training is the one for you.



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